Saturday, June 21, 2008

Stateside, Recapping.

After a day of traveling, I've made it back to Ann Arbor. I miss Brazil. In going through my files, I see that I've taken an inappropriately large number of pictures and I managed to never post a single one to the blog. To remedy this I thought I'd go back and reflect a bit, and post as many photos as the blog allows.


After the collective abuse of final reviews, those of us who didn't head home collected in Ann Arbor and spent our days meandering around they city. We found a Brazilian grocer in the south of town and tried some Presuntinhos (Ham Snacks). Yu Chen best captured our collective reaction, but we found them again once we were in Brazil and they became a popular diversion during our hours in studio, along with Cebolitos and Baconzitos.

A few of us ran afoul of the Brazilian Consulate in Chicago when applying for our visas, and I was among several that had to make a last minute unscheduled trip to their office to straighten things out. The US and Brazil have apparently had sour diplomatic relations in terms of travel since September 11th, when we imposed higher fees and stricter security measures on all Brazilians attempting to visit the US. It all worked out in the end, however, and I got a chance to see a few old friends in the process.


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